Camp Out and Stars Watch

Camp Out and Stars Watch
  • For parties held in parks or backyards.
  • 1-3 Monitors/ Up to 3 hours (up to 4-5 hours for canoeing or kayaking). For complete day-long event, please let us know.
  • Choose and match three activities: Eco-Friendly Crafts, Native Face Painting/Tattoos Forest Games, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Teepee Hut (fabric hut- same day build/paint and enjoy), Adventure Hiking, Photo Hiking Expedition, Circle Drum/ Drums by the Tree, Native American or Harvest/Winter/ Spring or Summer Circle Dances, Star Watch, Hiking, Campfire and S’mores or Vegetables (corn, sweet potatoes, and green beans), Canoeing or Kayaking, Storytelling.
  • Character appearance available (adult or child).

*for camp fire we will need written authorization from the park or host owners/residents AND paperwork signed by the parents/hosts of the party. We require an extra monitor that will be in charge of the camp fire: will light, supervise and end the fire.

*Camp Outs can be held in the evening only (until 9pm) or overnight with parents’ written authorization.

*Tents can be rented by ‘Nature Events’ or provided by hosts.